city of berkeley budget meetings

By Sean O. on Aug. 17, 2021, 9:06 p.m.

Skate XP continues to meet with Berkeley City Council members to raise funding for skateparks and rallying skateboarders to speak at City of Berkeley Budget meetings. In the meeting on May 25th, we had Skate XP board members and 3 other6 speakers from the community advocating for moving the James Kenney mini-skatepark into this budget cycle.

We have most recently met with Ben Bartlett (District 3), who was a hardcore streetskater from Chicago before returning to Berkeley and becoming a City Council member, to form a strategy and second email campaign in support of funding James Kenny, and are communicating with the Mayor’s office as well as Berkeley Council member Rashi Kesarwani (District 1). Berkeley Skatepark and James Kenney are both in District 1.