Skate XP - Your Skatepark Solutions Partner

Welcome Municipalities, Cities, and Institutions

Skate XP - Your Skatepark Solutions Partner

At Skate XP, we welcome municipalities, cities, and institutions to explore our expertise in the vibrant world of skateboarding.

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Our Expertise

Skate XP specializes in guiding institutions through the challenges and opportunities within the skateboarding world. Whether you aim to create a skate spot or a full-fledged skate park, organize skateboarding events, or develop engaging programs, Skate XP is here to be your trusted partner throughout this journey.

Bridging the Gap

We take pride in being the bridge between institutions and the skateboarding community. Our team possesses the knowledge and experience required to align your institution's requirements with the goals and desires of the skateboarding community.

Discover How Skate XP Can Help You Connect

Explore our tailored services to connect effectively with the skateboarding community, including:

Our Offerings

Skatepark Development:

We assist from concept to completion, creating safe, attractive, and functional skate spaces for the benefit of your community. Additionally, Skate XP can evaluate your existing skatepark for usability and recommend improvements.

Event Planning:

We organize exciting skateboarding events, fostering community engagement with the skate culture.

Program Development:

We craft tailored skate programs that align with your goals and resonate with skateboarders.

Contact Us

Ready to get started? Feel free to reach out to Sean O'Loughlin, our dedicated Director:

Sean O'Loughlin
Phone: (510) 384-4313

Let Skate XP be your guide through the diverse world of skateboarding. Together, we can create a positive impact on your institution and the skateboarding community.