Sean O’Loughlin

Sean O’Loughlin started skateboarding at the age of 10, on a board he shared with his big brother, James, and a ramp James built at their home in Ceres, CA. From the moment he grabbed that  Dave Andrecht skateboard with sure-grip wheels and Variflex trucks & did a frontside axle stall, he was a skateboarder, a vert skater at that. Sean had found something that would shape his life and set in motion a career in skateboarding.

After teaching board sports at a resort in Tahoe & years giving private lessons, Sean and Dr.Jenn Selke co-founded the UC Berkeley Skate camp, which he has been directing since its inception in 2000. At the Berkeley Skate Camp, Sean has developed his own, unique & successful teaching methods, with a focus on mindfulness, safety, self-determination & inclusion. As well as teaching skateboarding, Sean also teaches instruction. He has created a process through which campers have an opportunity to have their first job working at skate camp, teaching what they have learned from others who have gone through the same experience. Sean also designed & built the ramps, obstacles & other features. He consistently changes the camp to keep it exciting and new, raising money through donations and recruiting dedicated volunteers to help build the dream. 

Sean – Indy Air

Sean was also instrumental in getting the City of Berkeley to build a skatepark.  He worked diligently attending parks council meetings, city council meetings & skatepark design meetings; even chairing The Friends Of The Berkeley Skatepark. Sean was eventually hired by the City of Berkeley to program the skatepark where he is still hosting numerous, popular events and competitions,  in an effort to bring the community together around the skatepark. Once onboard, he was able to hire an all skateboarding staff, making the City of Berkeley Skatepark the most skater friendly park in the Bay Area.

 Over the years, many things have lead Sean to The Skateboard Experience. He knows that the skateboard experience, like most of life, is bittersweet & everyone needs a supportive & responsive community. Sean’s goal through all of this has been to create a safe space for skateboarders to express themselves and create a platform that connects the community as a whole. His commitment to skateboarding, the people who do it, and his genuine love for the lifestyle has been progressing skateboarding in the Bay Area and the community of those who love it as well.