Brandon Lansko

By Brandon Lansko

I didn’t know when I first stepped on a skateboard twenty years ago that my life would forever be changed. Through skateboarding I was taught life lessons, made lifelong friendships with people all over the world, and even met my wife. Before I started skating I was a very shy kid, but skateboarding allowed me into a community that is like no other. I was able to rub shoulders with everyone from beginners to top tier professionals, and because of our shared passion, they all welcomed me with open arms. 

Skateboarding taught me a work ethic like no other, because in any other sport, activity, hobby, etc. there is not the constant struggle of falling down or riding away. In skateboarding, regardless if you are just learning, been skating for years for fun, or are a seasoned professional, you are faced with the same battle when learning a trick. You will fall and fall until it works just once. And then you are going to fall again. But you go back because you know what it felt like to land that trick, or the one you learned yesterday. This lesson can be compounded throughout life whether that is in relationships, work, or in school, with skateboarding you are taught to constantly tweak your approach until you find the one that works for you and you can get over that barrier. 

Within my life in skateboarding I have gotten to meet and become friends with the most interesting and appreciative people. People that range from carpenters, to White House staff, to skatepark builders, teachers, and of course professional skateboarders. This eclectic group of people are some of the most genuine that I have ever come to known. At any time of day if I were to call I know that I could count on them, even if I hadn’t seen them in five years. 

Because of skateboarding I have been able to travel around the United States and overseas, I have seen my friends been able to buy houses and cars not only for themselves but for others, and I have seen people transition from a life in the skateboarding industry to the top marketing professionals, digital media agency owners, professional photographers, and to a life in politics. 

Taking that first step on a skateboard twenty-five years ago gave me friendship, success, family, and the tools to adapt to any situation. 

-Brandon Lasko 

Accomplished Skateboarder, Father, Scholar, and Marketing Professional